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Types Of Mortgage

Whatever your requirements, we feel it’s always best to give us a call for a no obligation discussion to review your needs. As we are Independent, we will review the whole of the market for you to ensure the best rates to fit your circumstances. Below is a brief description of the various reasons why you may want a mortgage, but as stated please do give us a call to review your requirements.

The overall cost for comparison is 7.3% APR. The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances. Please ask for a personalised illustration.

Home Movers

We can arrange mortgages for you if you are moving home.  Even if you are tied into your current deal, we can look at porting your existing mortgage and if necessary arrange a top up from your current Lender.  If you are free to change your mortgage without incurring any penalties then of course we will source the best deal to fit your circumstances from the whole market.

First Time Buyers

Buying your first home is a daunting prospect, but you are not alone in this process.  At Mortgage & Money Management, we will discuss all of your needs with you first and look at the best deal to suit you, as well as breaking down all relevant costs you can expect.  We will guide you step by step through the process from the minute you see one of our advisors until the day you complete on your purchase.


If you are coming to the end of a deal from your current lender, we will assess all of your current financial circumstances and where necessary, help you raise capital from your property for any purpose, if this is what you require.  We can also arrange a re-mortgage without raising any additional funds to ensure you have the best mortgage product with the best rate to fit your circumstances.  Where possible we will ensure you receive a free legal service and free valuation of your property from the lender. This ensures your costs will be as low as possible.

Self Certification

We assist clients who are unable to prove their income. This could be for the self employed people who do not have annual accounts ready or available or for employed people with various sources of income.

Buy To Let

We are able to assist you if you are looking to purchase your first or further Buy To Let properties and also if you are looking to re-mortgage any existing Buy To Let properties.

Poor Credit History

Even if you have been declined via a lender please do not hesitate to contact us as we can sit down with you discuss your circumstances and try and find a lender that is more suitable for your needs.

Speak With One Of Our Advisers

For any further information please feel free to contact us either by telephone, email or via contact us on our website. You will receive a response within 24 hours of your enquiry.

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